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A Stellar Purpose: Environmental Endorsements

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

“A parallel universe as one storyline and an important social message as another. A Stellar Purpose is stellar indeed. This book surpasses parameters such as target audiences and age groups. It is one and all. It tells a story with a purpose, giving readers one in exchange. Maybe, from Avery’s story, we will be inspired to take care of the planet that provides for us.” —Grace Jackson, Book Critic

“This story will appeal to both the young and the young at heart. Natacha Belair takes us on a journey through parallel universes and great emotions. Readers will become more mindful of humanity’s fate and will want to better themselves so they may have a positive impact on our wonderful planet.”

—Manon Côté, Writer, Editor, Book Critic

“This book is more than fiction. It is a story about courage and faith—the

courage to embrace and stay true to who we truly are and the faith that we, no matter who we are, can make a difference if we believe we can. Through her fantastic adventure, Avery teaches us that our collective future can be amazing. It really is up to every single one of us!”

—Nathalie Arseneault, Organic Foodie, Local TV Host

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