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A Stellar Purpose II -- Available for Pre-Order

I’m really happy to announce that the second novel in the A Stellar Purpose trilogy is now available for preorder on Amazon (Canada); Barnes & Noble; Amazon (USA); and more.

A few reviews:

“A deeply creative and needed novel. Belair is a brilliant artist. She has crafted her second novel in a way that touches the hearts of all readers and inspires them to change—just as the first one did.”

—Emily Keefer, High School English Educator, Author of The Stars on Vita Felice Court

“A Stellar Purpose II embarks on a spirited journey, akin to a drop of water seamlessly merging with a vast lake, serving as a poignant reminder of our intrinsic individual and collective ability to effect profound change in our world.”

—Natalie Kahalé, CEO of Brilliant People Strategies, TV Host of Nat en Parle

“I highly recommend this book to those looking for a thought-provoking story challenging us to think critically about how we can also become awoken protectors who respond to the call for positive environmental stewardship and social change.”

—Sonia Rankin, Elementary School Teacher, Junior Grades

“A truly inspiring novel. The world would be a better place if we adopted even half of the solutions Natacha describes in this planet-positive book.”

—Mégane Bilodeau, Avid Reader, Aspiring Novelist, Book Critic

Back Cover Synopsis

Six months after her initial adventure, Avery wins a week-long trip to the first ever, five-star, self-sustainable, ecotourism resort, located on a secluded Pacific Island. She’s among a group of twenty young adults who were chosen as recognition for their outstanding commitment to helping our planet survive and thrive. Follow Avery as she relishes in the hotel’s amenities with her new friends, continues to explore different facets of a mysterious parallel dimension, and attempts to put an end to another predicament she’s inadvertently stumbled upon—before it’s too late.

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