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Earth Day Book Signing

I had such a great time at my most recent book signing at Librairie Rose-Marie. I not only chatted with three great authors, but I also had the opportunity to meet boxing legend, Gaëtan Hart.

And that wasn’t even the best part… At one point, a Documentation Technician from a school located about 30min away came into the store and said, « I came here today, just to see you! »

I was so flattered — I could hardly believe it! She asked me to sign the school’s copy, and told me that the students love my book so much that it’s almost never in the school library.

She also mentioned that one of the students has borrowed my novel at least six times. I was so touched that I decided to send her a signed image as a thank you for being my #1 fan.

As some of you may know, I wrote this book to touch the hearts of countless young adults. Knowing that my novel’s already having an impact, less than seven months after launching, feels fantastic.

Thank you to all my readers!

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