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I'm featured in SesayArts Magazine!

What an honour!

SesayArts—an online arts magazine that's been exploring new experiences in theatre, dance, performance and text since 2012—decided to write a profile on me and my novels.

Article teaser...

"Ottawa-based Canadian author Natacha Belair has made a noteworthy entrance into the world of fiction with her debut novel A Stellar Purpose and its sequel A Stellar Purpose II. In the realm of young adult science fiction, Belair’s A Stellar Purpose has quickly emerged as a groundbreaking series, interweaving fantastical narratives with pressing global concerns such as environmental conservation and animal rights. The first two parts of her trilogy are captivating readers and earning acclaim." 

Thank you, Arpita Ghosal, for the great article! Visit Natacha Belair has A Stellar Purpose for her award-winning debut novel to read the entire article.

A big thank you to the Ottawa BagelShop and Deli

I want to thank Liliana Piazza, the owner of the Ottawa BagelShop and Deli, for creating the Storytime Writers Festival. It’s thanks to this wonderful person that I had the pleasure of doing my first-ever CBC Radio appearance, that I was approached by SesayArts Magazine for this article, and that I have a free location to launch my sequel, A Stellar Purpose II.

Book Launch: A Stellar Purpose II

I hope you will join me this Sunday, March 17 at 2pm at The Ottawa Bagelshop. If you can't be there in person, check out the Ottawa Bagelshop's live Instagram feed.

I'll talk about my writing journey, read from both my novels and sign some books. Come early so you can grab some great food, and reserve your seat!

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