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A Stellar Purpose featured in Ottawa Life Magazine

“A Stellar Purpose”– The Award Winning Novel Healing the Planet

reviewed by Analise Saavedra

A growing awareness of the dangers posed to the planet unites people of all ages and beliefs to fight for the world they call home. Some will clean trash from polluted beaches, while others will sign petitions or protest. However, Natacha Belair, an Ottawa-based author, wrote A Stellar Purpose to inspire this generation to embrace the planet and be a part of its healing process. With this goal in mind, Belair entrenched the storyline with passionate and innovative characters eager to save the planet.

The story is centered around a teenage girl who must learn to cope with her sudden ability to travel between parallel dimensions and the discovery of her life’s purpose—to protect animals and help save the planet before it’s too late. Its PG-rated narrative is suitable for those with a fifth-grade English reading level but will appeal to anyone looking for a captivating, fantasy-filled mystery set in an inspirational storyline.

Since its release, Belair’s debut novel received the Nautilus Book Gold Award for Young Adult Fiction-Sci-Fi. According to Belair’s publisher, Köehler Books, the Nautilus Book Awards is in the top one percent of all book competitions. As implied in its motto, “Better Books for a Better World,” for the last 23 years, books that support conscious living, green values, wellness, social change, justice, and spiritual growth have received this award.

Belair will join the list of distinguished previous winners, such as Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, and His Holiness, The 14th Dalai Lama. According to Wally Jones, a multi-award-winning author, this honour is well-deserved. He wrote, “A book intended for the adolescents that adults will love too—and learn from. It is a fast-paced, transformative story about personal growth that will make you think twice about how you see the world.”

A Stellar Purpose is a book for everyone as it challenges its audience to make a difference in the protection of the planet.

A Stellar Purpose is Belair’s first manuscript, and she intends to pursue this passion in the future. When she’s not writing, Natacha loves to explore her other artistic passions and explore the outdoors with her husband and two teenage daughters.

Purchase points

Get a copy at Indigo, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and a growing list of local Canadian bookstores:

- Librairie Rose-Marie (Buckingham)

- Librairie Bertrand (Montreal)

- Perfect Books (Ottawa)

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