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The day has finally come!

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Launch of A Stellar Purpose—a young adult fiction novel focused on animal rights and climate change.

This novel will appeal to anyone looking for a captivating, fantasy-filled mystery set in an inspirational storyline.

Recent reviews

“A book intended for adolescents that adults will love too—and learn from.”

—Wally Jones, Multi-Award Winning Author - Sam the Chosen

“A timely, unique, and creative story that Belair accomplishes with grace and originality.”

—Emily Keefer, Author - The Stars on Vita Felice Court

“A parallel universe as one storyline and an important social message as another. A Stellar Purpose is stellar indeed.”

—Grace Jackson, Book Critic

“The author uses her extraordinary creation of imagination and allows the readers to totally immerse themselves in this clever story with her beautifully crafted, descriptive prose.”

—Bill Sheehan, Award-Winning Author of A Tail Among Tales

“Natacha tells a beautiful narrative of what might be possible for humanity.”

—Jim Self, Mastering Alchemy

Purchase Points

Order your copy on Amazon, Indigo, Barnes & Noble, Librairie Bertrand, and more...

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