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How I landed my first-ever publishing deal

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

How it all started

After spending a few years #writing several different versions of the same idea, last September I felt that my manuscript was finally ready for publishers.

The first to show interest was Dr. Scott Zarcinas of DoctorZed Publishing (located in Australia). Interested in publishing my #book—but recognizing that working with someone who lives half-way across the world would complicate things, especially given the 14 hour time difference—we made a deal.

The deal that changed my life

Dr. Zarcinas encouraged me to send my manuscript to 50 local publishers (US & CAN). If nothing panned out after six months, we’d work something out. Feeling over the moon, I followed his advice and decided to complete this task by December 25.

It worked!

I sifted through over two hundred publishing websites, and I managed to send 48 submissions by December 18. I received emails from two interested firms on Dec 23, which happened to be the 45th and the 48th submissions. I signed a contract with Köehler Books on December 31st.

Never give up

I know for a fact that I would have given up after 25 or 30 submissions if I hadn't made a deal with Dr. Zarcinas. So, never give up folks!

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1 commentaire

Amélie Charbonneau
Amélie Charbonneau
10 avr. 2022

WoW bravo pour ta persévérance 🤩

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