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Sharing my story with students

Reaching out to local schools

Back in the fall, I reached out to local school boards in the hope that they would be interested in adding a few copies of my novel to their elementary and high school libraries.

I also pointed out that I would welcome the opportunity to speak with some of their classes about the book itself and/or the steps involved in publishing a novel.

Two schools accepted my offer

Revel Academy and Béatrice Desloges welcomed me in their schools, and I had an opportunity to meet interesting and inquisitive kids.

As an environmentalist, I wrote A Stellar Purpose to inspire today’s youth to come up with innovative ways to fix the mistakes of those who lived on Earth before them. So having an opportunity to share my writing journey and discuss the reasons why I wrote this book with my target audience was simply AMAZING!

Hoping to do more...

I will continue to reach out to schools, and offer virtual visits to those located too far away. So, if you know teachers or school administrators who might be interested, please share this information with them. Thank you!

Purchase points...

Get a copy at Indigo, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and a growing list of local Canadian bookstores:

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