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Support our local bookstores!

Now that the sequel to A Stellar Purpose was officially released on Feb 27, 2024, I had the pleasure of visiting several local bookstores to drop off copies.

Check out these great stores!

101 - 1889 Baseline Road, Ottawa, ON K2C 0C7

258a Elgin Street, Ottawa

206 Main Street, Ottawa

35 Beechwood Avenue, Ottawa

181, Principal Street, Gatineau

487 Buckingham Avenue, Gatineau

430 Saint Pierre Street, Montreal

A Stellar Purpose trilogy

  • Thought-provoking novels delivering sci-fi-filled adventures set in inspirational storylines.

  • Novels that masterfully intertwine memorable characters with colourful backdrops and mysterious theories while addressing real-life topics, such as environmental protection, animal rights and social responsibility.

  • These books appeal to anyone interested in climate fiction, interdimensional travel, and personal growth.

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