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A Great Review: A Stellar Purpose

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

By Tanmay, Blogger

A beautiful story. Just like it’s title, the author also has a stellar purpose, which she very masterfully and beautifully delivers to the readers. Natacha Belair is an environmentalist who understands, better than most people do, the treats to nature that result from human interference. She shares this knowledge with her readers in the form of this story which not only makes it an intriguing read but also has a huge impact on the reader’s mind.

The concerns that the author raises through this story are not only worth paying attention to, but rather it is very important that these issues are made known to more and more people for the benefit of the planet we all share. We must start mending our ways and taking better care of nature, and Avery is the perfect superhero to inspire people to this great cause.

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