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This book should be taught in schools

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

In a world where so many horrendous, all encompassing problems are exposed to the public on a daily basis, many of us would prefer to bury our head in the sand and do nothing.

In 'A Stellar Purpose', Avery, a teenager, decides that she will do something. But to take action, she has to develop faith in her own power to change things.

For Avery, like most people, just navigating the pressures of day-to-day living is a difficult task. When she is told by those in higher realms that she has both a role and the responsibility to enact positive changes for our planet - especially for animals - the task seems too overwhelming to contemplate.

But Avery does care for animals, and she volunteers at the local zoo. When she discovers that powerful, unscrupulous business people are inflicting evil acts upon the animals, she gathers her friends and they pull together to construct a plan to expose the truth.

As a reader wishing to read about animal rights and saving the planet, I initially wondered why the author chose a zoo. But metaphorically, the zoo represents the facade that people are presented with when big business hides the truth behind an illusion: In this case, a sanctuary for animals. Furthermore, it raises an important question: Are all animals equal and deserving of the same rights, or are some animals more equal than others?

As such, the book has multiple layers and raises topics which could well be studied, and discussed in our schools.

Through the character Avery, Natacha Belair teaches us that meaningful, small acts of kindness bring people together to create a kinder world and that no one has to have special powers, riches, or connections in high places to make positive changes.

The author shows us that faith, passion and courage, can bring humans hope, strength and empowerment, so that ultimately, as a species, we can do more than just bury our head in the sand and do nothing. Like Avery, we all have the capacity to do something good.

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