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Five Stars from Reader Views

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Reviewed by Kathy Stickles for Reader Views

I love to read a book that is well written, fun, enchanting, and has a purpose for being written. In her first book, Natacha Belair has successfully given me all of these reasons to read, plus some, and I am thrilled.

I think this is a fabulous book for any reader, young adults and older, who want a fun and fast read that is enjoyable and extremely motivating in terms of teaching us all that our planet is truly in danger and someone, somewhere has to do something to help. Avery is a great character that will inspire you to go forward and help.

In addition, the characters surrounding this young woman in her quest are wonderfully written and full of surprises that make the reader, at least this one, care about them and all they are doing to help the wonderful Avery.

I loved “A Stellar Purpose” by Natacha Blair. It’s an amazing debut that I highly recommend to everyone. 5 Stars!!

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