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Author & Creative Artist

Updated: Jun 10

As someone once said, writing a book (and getting it published) takes 1% imagination and 99% labour. And believe me, it’s true! I’ve spent countless hours writing, rewriting, editing and proofreading. Not to mention adding and deleting: words, sentences, paragraphs and even entire chapters. And I loved every minute!

Find your passion

If you wake up in the morning and look forward to working on your project—whatever it might be—you're on the right track. Writing a book can’t be seen as a chore—it must come from within. It must be something that brings you joy every time you sit in front of your computer.

Embrace your inner artist

If you’ve visited my website, you know I’ve always had an inkling for the creative side. I enjoy painting, drawing, playing music. I even sewed my own wedding dress. But I never saw myself as an artist until I started to work on my first book.

Never in a million years

If you would've told me five years ago that I'd become a published Author, I would've laughed out loud. And yet, here we are. If you discover your passion—make time for it. You never know what the future may hold.

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