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A Stellar Purpose

Meet Avery, a well-rounded, fifteen-year-old girl who suddenly has the power to enter an alternate dimension where she discovers her life’s purpose—to protect animals and help save the planet before it’s too late.

Thrilled to slowly unmask the hidden mysteries found within this parallel universe, but overwhelmed with the pressure that comes with knowing that the fate of the animal kingdom is in her hands, Avery can finally breathe a sigh of relief when she learns that she is not alone.

Follow Avery in an eventful journey where she tries to cope with this new reality while juggling the rest of her life, which includes figuring out why she has a nagging suspicion that the new owners of the local zoo are up to no good.

Available at local bookstores:

- Librairie Michabou (Aylmer)

- Librairie Rose-Marie (Buckingham)

Librairie Bertrand (Montreal) 

Singing Pebble Books (Ottawa)

Perfect Books (Ottawa)

Distributor: Ingram
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Awards and Recognition

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Best Cover Design: Fiction

Five Star Review

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About me

I’ve spent my career writing and editing countless documents while dreaming of authoring fiction novels. Today, I'm proud to hold the title of "Published Freaking Author". (Wink to all those "Jane The Virgin" fans.) A Stellar Purpose is my first novel, and I intend to pursue this new passion for years to come.

Like many others, I want to help save the planet. Some clean rubbish from polluted beaches, others sign petitions, or participate in rallies. In my case, I was drawn to write A Stellar Purpose and share it with the world.

As an environmentalist, I wrote this novel to inspire this generation—which is filled with passionate people eager to do their part to help save the planet—to come up with innovative ways to fix the mistakes of those who lived on Earth before them.

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